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Our Programmes

LIGHT STREAMS has 3 core programmes:

Art Sessions, Art Mural Projects & our Children Link-up Scheme

Whether you're a parent, individual or child educator/provider, there's a programme that's right for your needs.

Art Sessions

  • Art Classes: there's a class to fit your need and lifestyle: online or onsite, within a group setting or individually.


  • Art Workshops, offered to child & youth organisations as a free demonstration of our services.

  • After School Art Enrichment programmes.. We offer 3 courses which last 7 weeks.

Art Mural Projects

Our Art Murals have the one difference: it’s a joint effort with the children or youth to create a symbol celebrating their local community. Creating a symbol of beauty and hope is the endeavour of Light Streams.

The children decide what they want and what they want expressed.
Consultations are held with them and prep work of the elements to be added is carried out by them, to get them acquainted with creating artwork on a large scale.

Happy Children

Our Children Link-ups

Since the start of 2022 been workng with organisations both home and abroad to link children together through creative channels.

With our first Zoom exchange, the children from different corners of the globe met up and  had a Q & A session; questions asked  without adults acting as the middle person. This particular event also included song and dance.


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