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Our Art Classes

Girl Painting in Art Class

Our programs are open for both children & adults - we cater for small group or 1:1 sessions, onsite or online. Each session lasts 7 weeks.

Let us know your preference.


By the end of this course, drawing won't be so intimidating as it may seem today for beginners! This seven-week program will offer participants a fresh perspective on 'how to see' your subject matter - in order to draw with confidence & less constraints. 

We will cover the different mediums used - pencil, charcoal, pastel as well as etching. Subject matter covered will be still life, portraiture & imaginative composition.



The wonder of painting will be discovered in this fun course! Different medium of the artists' preference will be used - watercolour, acrylic, gouache, oil etc. in a safe, well-ventilated environment.

Subject matters will include still life, portraiture & imaginative composition.

Mixed Media & Traditional 3-D Art


Discover the beauty of transforming unused materials into works of art! After this course you'll appreciate the creative possibilities of mixed media. In 3-D modelling, we'll learn about space in relation to the object you want to replicate - like paper to a pencil for drawing. Safe non-toxic materials will be used.

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