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Our Method

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Our Mission & Vision

Offering art to inspire, aspire, heal
& unite children everywhere.

We achieve this with a unique, holistic approach.

Is art really necessary for chilren?

Art Class

Art is a naturally flowing process.


Unlike disciplines like reading and writing, children aren't taught to draw; give them a crayon and they just draw. Unlike with adults, there's no such thing as self-doubt or focusing on talent & ability; it's all about fun.

This is why young children are the most confident of artists!

But, in the last 2 years, the impact of Covid put a dent in a child's natural confidence, laying claim on freedom of movement and expression.

At the same time, global conflicts have made today's younger generation more inclined to be cynical and less 

child-like, compared to previous generations.

This is where creativity makes a difference:  Art provides a portal for their developing minds to delve into a world of possibilities and wonder as well as open to solutions - to bring their inner world outwards in creative forms as self-expression! It's a healthy balance amidst the endless stream of pessimism that appears to have the upper hand today.

With Creativity, the balance is reset on all fronts: mentally, emotionally and spiritually.

LIGHT STREAMS recognises this need - and offers art programs with this aim in mind.
Allow your inner artist to emerge naturally with us!


Light Streams Offers:

  • Our own methodology                                                                                                                                                    

  • Art Mural Programs which are joint collaborations with the the children and youth

  • Small groups for our art sessions - wether online or onsite

  • A networking program for children to link with their peers around the world through creativity

  • Positivity! Learning art should be fun - so we'll keep it relaxed in a safe, nurturing environment

  •  We bring nature and beauty into our classroom sessions!   As part of our holistic approach, flowers and soothing  music are part of the creative landscape

What Inspired Light Streams?

Founder Julie M Jackson shares her story:


Art takes me to a very warm place. It’s fun, it’s challenging, it’s healing; it’s energising.


As a child drawing was my biggest passion and allowed me to open up and shine - despite being rather shy!  At 10 our family left the UK & moved to Cameroon. As art wasn't part of the national curriculum there, I taught myself.

When we returned to the UK a few years later I started learning art at GCSE level, aged 15 - and later that year got the school prize for art. 

Throughout my adult working life - whether as a child educator, behaviour interventionist, freelance artist, or in the social care sector for adults - I've used art not only as a stimuli for  my clients towards self-expression & social interaction - but also as a form of therapy for adults with special needs.

Light Streams Art Centre continues to provide this stream of service for the benefit of the local community!

With BA Hons in 2D Animation & Associates (US) degree in Illustatration, I enjoy bike-riding, karoake & pursuing various creative projects.

What People are Saying

Art Class

"Thank you so much for everything you done for Angie.."

— Sandra V,  parent

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