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Light Streams Art Centre

Lighting a path through art!


LIGHT STREAMS offers art programs to inspire, heal and unite children and young adults everywhere. Our programs include art sessions, art murals and linking children around the world together through creativity!
Wether you’re an individual, a parent or an organisation, there’s a LIGHT STREAMS program for everyone. Browse until you find one that's perfect for you.

Our Art Programmes

Art Class Girl

Art Sessions

Art Classes for small groups or private 1:1, online or onsite

Art Workshops, offered to child & youth organisations as a free demonstration of our services


After School Art Enrichment Classes - 7 weekly sessions.


Art Mural Projects


What make our Art Mural programme different? They  are planned, prepped and created with the joint collaboration of children; it's an opportunity to celebrate their local community.


Our Children Link-ups

Since the start of 2022 we've been workng with organisations both home and abroad to link children together through creative channels.


Pink to Orange Gradient

I had fun coloring the rainbow with you Miss Julie.

Josue, young artist


I am super happy to see that you are still doing wonderful things for children!!  Thank you!”

Rick Clemens - Executive Director - Inclusive Education and Community Partnership (IECP)

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